2019 PGA Championship Staff Bag and Accessories



Do you remember when you first fell in love with the game of golf? Think about it for a minute. 


Maybe it was that time your mom or your dad took you to the driving range, threw an old hand-me-down set of clubs in front of you and said "Have at it kid!" and watched you wail away for hours hitting bucket after bucket of range balls. 


Maybe it was that time you played your first real round on an 18-hole course, that time you made your first par (or birdie!), or that time you and your buddies had an epic, fun-filled match that came down to the wire.


Whether it manifested itself in any of those above ways or not, we’ve all had that realization that deep down, we truly love the game. And odds are, it started when you were a younger, impressionable kid who was unknowingly about to embark on a lifelong love affair with the game.


When designing the staff bag and accessories for this year’s PGA Championship, our designers wanted to tap in to this feeling we’ve all experienced and pay homage to an organization that keeps that spirit alive.


Introducing our 2019 PGA Championship staff bag and accessories, which members of Team TaylorMade, as well as eight of our staff professionals, will carry with them to Bethpage Black in New York for the 101st installment of the tournament next week.


OSN05843.jpgRight off the bat, the bag and headcovers’ color scheme pops. That’s a nod to the tones used by PGA Jr. League, an organization that strives to make golf fun and engaging for boys and girls of all skill levels.


Part of PGA Jr. League’s mission is to have kids build bonds with their fellow golfers through teamwork. The league has the kids wear orange and blue "jerseys" while competing alongside one another and the inside lining of the bag’s pouches and headcovers reveal a multitude of numbers in a nod to those shirts.


Stick figures of junior golfers in action line the blue trim around the body and top of the bag and ring around the bottom in a swing sequence.


OSN05754.jpgBethpage Black is a historic public track which welcomes all-comers. But the Black course is famous for its difficulty. One of its most famous, and photographed, landmark is a sign near the first tee which warns golfers of the challenges that lie ahead. Our designers didn’t miss the opportunity to have some fun playing on that angle by adding a “warning” sign to the bag this year. A closer look reveals a message all golfers know to be true.


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Really liking this idea as the theme for this years PGA Championship. I absolutely remember when I got into golf as if it were yesterday. I started at the range with really driver only. A few buddies and I would just hit buckets of drivers all afternoon. My uncle and I went out for my first 9 hole round at a local course, and after 9 holes, all I wanted to do was keep going and play more holes. That was really the moment I knew I would play this game as much as I possibly could. I was hooked from that moment one, and the rest is history. 


Really nice touch with this bag.


Love the inspiration for the design. I definitely remember when the love of the game first started for me. In high school I obtained an injury freshman year that prevented me from running track. I decided to join the golf team that spring season because I wanted to still participate in a sport. While I was very rough around the edges, I luckily still had the athleticism to still play golf at a very moderate level. I was on hole 5 at the local course where practices were held. I had an approach from approximately 180 out, and landed within 5 feet from the pin which was by far my best shot of the year. This shot sparked a drive to continuely improve. This single shot changed golf from just a extra-curricular activity for school, to life long love of the game.  


Great bag and head covers! I hope Taylormade Pros perform good on PGA Championship!