A Golf Bag Designed for the PGA Championship

In golf, each major championship has its own legacy and aura surrounding it. The Masters is rich with tradition and enables viewers to revisit the familiar and stunning setting of Augusta National. The U.S. Open presents “golf’s toughest test” with course conditions that challenge golfers both mentally and physically. The Open Championship takes us back to the birthplace of the game where links golf takes center stage. And then there’s the PGA Championship, the season’s final major.


Beyond being (formerly known as) "glory’s last shot," the PGA Championship is unique in that it presents PGA Professionals—skilled teaching professionals from our local clubs—with the chance to compete on one of golf’s biggest stages.


This year, TaylorMade’s golf bags for the PGA Championship feature a special tribute to our PGA Professionals around the country that has been intricately incorporated into the design.


To explore the golf bag’s design inspiration, TaylorMade graphic designer Dennis Kennedy discusses the color scheme, subtle details, and lasting impact of this 2017 Major Championship staff bag.



The initial inspiration for the new Major Championship staff bag came directly from the PGA of America logo. We incorporated the gold, blue, and white color scheme of that logo and carried it throughout the entire bag. 


As always, we like to tie the golf bag's design into the course where the tournament is being played, so our design concept worked out very nicely because Quail Hollow has virtually the same color scheme as the PGA of America. This enabled our bag design to pay tribute to the organization running the PGA Championship as well as the golf course that is host to this year's final major.

Screen Shot 2017-08-01 at 4.12.22 PM.png

In the lining, you'll see the names of all of our PGA Professionals from around the country. We wanted to pay homage to all the hard work they do in a unique way, and we think this will be a nice keepsake for our staff pros, especially those that made it to the PGA Championship. We have roughly 2,000 names represented within the pocket lining.


This year at the PGA Championship, Ernie Els will be competing in his 100th major. So we did something a little special with his staff bag—we added in a "100th Major" call-out on to the main bag panel and back pocket. 


Screen Shot 2017-08-01 at 4.12.59 PM.png


With each of the major staff bags that we create, it's a long and challenging process that's also incredibly fun. It was nice to branch out a bit more this year and explore some tonal prints—like with the art deco pattern in the British Open staff bags and the Azalea lining of the Masters staff bags. We were able to try new things that we had never attempted in the past and I'm excited to see how next year's designs come along to pay tribute to the 2018 major events. 


As far as the 2018 staff bag lineup, we're going to change it up, as we always do, but we will stay true to the golf courses and the tournaments. We'll be adding in features specific to the events, so there's always opportunity to explore new designs, textures, and styles. 


And I think it's safe to say that our bag for the Masters will have some green in the design..." 


Chris Edwards
Copywriter — TaylorMade Golf

 I love the colors in this bag. I really hope that you have this in a stand bag. I would have to pick one of those up! Great write up! 

Timeless colorway here. Well done

That is an amazing bag. I really liked the U.S. Open bag but you've topped it.. Very nice!


I grew up in Louisville, Kentucky and always saw the local pros with those incredibly gaudy ORANGE H&B Citation bags. In recent years, Nike has made some of the worst looking bags in the world.


This TM bag has a beautiful, quiet dignity to the color scheme that just looks soooooo good to me. Congratulations on the designer's good taste...


Why was this not released in a stand version?  The other 3 major bags were great looking this year.