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We're turning 40 this week! So to celebrate, we want YOU to vote in our Driver Innovation Bracket Challenge! 


We've been pushing the boundaries of technology in the game ever since we launched the Pittsburgh Persimmon, the original metalwood, back in 1979. Since then, TaylorMade has been focused on continuing that legacy of creating innovative, game-changing technologies that help golfers perform their best. 


This contest will take place entirely on Twitter. Click here to follow along as the voting continues throughout the week. 


Take a look at the bracket above, log on to Twitter and cast your vote (we'll try and do 2 to 3 matchups a day until a fan favorite is crowned).


You'll also want to click here for a comprehensive deep dive into all of our landmark tech breakthroughs throughout the years for reference. 


In the meantime, let us know which driver innovation technology you think will come out on top in the comments below! 


This is going to be a really fun bracket. Cool idea @SteveBreazeale. For me, the winner is Multi-Material Crown (M1/M2) all the way. To me, that was when the TM driver went a whole new direction and had such great tour success. The following drivers built from these models and have been even more unstoppable since.


Congrats on 40 years of great innovation! I voted on the first metalwood, as The Original One set the stage for all drivers in those 40 years of TaylorMade's existence, coming out of the hickory age. 


Final two! Personally, I voted for the Moveable Weight Tech in the R7 Quad, not only because its was such an innovative leap, but also because it was the first Taylormade driver I ever owned. 

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In case you guys haven't seen, we're down to the final two in the TaylorMade40 Driver Bracket Innovation Challenge! It's Moveable Weight Technology vs. 460cc Driver! Click here to go to our Twitter page and vote for which innovation you feel had the most impact on the game of golf! The poll is set to close at about 9:15 a.m. tomorrow (Friday). Thanks for following along!


I'm with you @bdrake25 ! Moveable weights were a game-changer for both the player and  industry - just look how how the rest of industry has followed suit. Love having a draw bias on mine.

Congrats to Moveable Weight Technology on the bracket challenge win. The fans have spoken and MWT came out on top. This was a really interesting campaign to run and see what technology has helped players the most over the years. Very cool to see this playout on Twitter over the week. Always like seeing the interactive campaigns.