FIRST LOOK: Advanced Visual Technology in the New TaylorMade TP5 Pix Golf Ball





Hey everyone, this morning TaylorMade announced the release of the all-new, optically designed TP5 Pix golf balls. A few of them are making their way around TM HQ here in Carlsbad, and we wanted to give our fans here on TaylorMade Community a first look at it and fill you in on all of the technology we’ve packed inside.


First off, take a look at that golf ball! Right away you'll notice the distinct visual markings strategically placed on the ball to make it stand out—with a little flair. 


But those markings aren't just for decoration. They're also there to serve a purpose for golfers of all skill levels.


The TP5 Pix is easier to see than a normal, white golf ball. The human eye processes light colors more efficiently when it's darker, and darker colors more efficiently when it's lighter. Using that as a guiding principle, researchers from Indiana University and TaylorMade engineers teamed up to create the unique two-color design of the TP5 Pix. Two colors within one shape further enhances visibility and delivers a product that's easier to see. 



TP5pix.pngOnce you get your hands on this golf ball and start playing with it, you'll notice another benefit of the visual technology—instant spin feedback. The contrast graphics on the TP5 Pix lets you see how much overall spin, and side spin, you put on a ball when chipping and putting.


Take it from me, if you haven't chipped around or rolled a few putts with golf ball that has visual technology yet, it's surprisingly fun and informative. 


"White, round and sits on the ground is no longer the norm for golf balls. Visual technology has given us the opportunity to not only change the appearance of the golf ball but also allows for players to see immediate feedback where spin matters most – on and around the greens."

--Mike Fox, Category Director, Golf Balls & Accessories


A few other notables and important facts you need to know about TP5 Pix:


-TP5 Pix delivers the same performance and is built on the same platform as the TP5(x) line of golf balls. TP5 Pix features the same High-Flex Material (HFM) and Speed-Layer System found in the 2019 TP5(x) line as well as the Tri-Fast Core and Dual-Spin Cover, too. Translation: it's the same ball as the 2019 TP5, but with the added visual technology. 


-TP5 Pix will be available at retail on March 22, and cost $44.99 USD per dozen. Available in the U.S. & Canada only, initially.  


-Producing the pixelated design on the ball required a one-of-a-kind printing machine, which took over 18 months to design and develop. 


Let us know what you think of the new ball in the comments below!



Thanks for the write-up on these @SteveBreazeale. I really like concept of spin and roll feedback that come with the Pix ball. Being able to see and judge how much spin you’ve put on the ball when chipping will be an enormous help in any golfers game. It can also help with putting and green break feedback. I like the colors and designs chosen. You can tell they were designed this particular way, not just done to look like a soccer ball.


Will certainly be trying these in TP5, but hope the TP5x version is coming soon!




Does this play like a TP5x or the TP5.  The write-up above says the TP5(x) platform, however the specs on the Taylormade store makes it look more like the TP5?



Community Manager

Hey @MinnesotaNole, the ball is exactly the same as the new TP5! It will just have the addition as the new visual technology on it. 


It’s cool to pitch and chip with this ball. You can very clearly see the spin imparted on the ball. Haven’t taken the Pix on the course but I expect it to be easier to track in flight.