Wrapping a golf club can be challenging. That's why we consulted an expert from Paper Source to help you figure out the best way to do it. 






  1. Cut your empty paper tube(s) to the appropriate length to completely cover the golf club shaft. One tube likely won't be long enough. Don't fret! You can simply cut more from an additional empty tube and tape them together. 
  2. Wrap the tube with your gift wrapping paper of choice. Double-sided tape comes in handy here for clean edges.
  3. Snip the ends of the excess paper on both sides of the tube. Fold those snippets inside the tube for even more clean edges.
  4. Hole-punch or cut two holes on one end of the tube. This will serve as an anchor point for the ribbon to secure the golf club into the tube. 
  5. Gather tissue around the club head in lollipop fashion to disguise the golf club, then twist the excess paper around the golf shaft for a taut fit.  
  6. Cut a ribbon that's 3x as long as your tube. 
  7. Tie the ribbon around the tissue paper at the hosel of the golf club so you have two equal lengths remainings. 
  8. Feed the ribbon down your wrapped tube starting on the end opposite the hole punches. Pull the ribbon through the other side, then push the golf shaft through the same way.
  9. Feed one side of one ribbon through one of the hole punches and do the same with the remaining ribbon. Pull the ribbon until the golf club head is secured firmly to the opposite end of the tube. 
  10. Tie the excess ribbon into a bow just as you would tie your shoes.


There you have it! We highly suggest watching the video for some nifty pro tips from Jenny. 


If you're interested in more professional wrapping tips, check out our Tour professionals Dustin Johnson, Jason Day, Jon Rahm, and Justin Rose giving their best wrapping advice here: Wrap Like A Pro. Be sure to enter for a chance to win their clubs after you watch their videos. 


Lastly, if you see any paper you'd like to use for your own gift wrapping this holiday season, visit our friends at Paper Source for all your wrapping material needs. 


Happy Holidays!

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As soon as Jenny pulled out the double-sided tape, my wife said, "Yep, she's a pro." Just a bit more effort went into this one than DJ's "wrapping." Smiley Very Happy

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Jesse - I so wished he had said "Merry Christmas you filthy animal" at the end of that video. Smiley LOL


LOL...that would have been the best thing ever had he done that.

It is really hard to find a gift bag big enough for a driver!