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The Masters has storied traditions. The U.S. Open has extreme conditions. The Open has true links golf. And the PGA Championship has a unique dedication to those who bring the game to golfers across the country: the PGA Professionals. 


Each year, the PGA Championship holds 20 spots for PGA Pros from local clubs across the United States. To qualify for Bellerive, the best professionals teed off against each other in the PGA Professionals Championship, which was held in June at Bayonet and Black Horse Golf Courses in Seaside, CA. From the 20 pros who punched their ticket to St. Louis, 9 of them are valued TaylorMade staff pros, including the PPC champion, Ryan Vermeer. 




With more TaylorMade staff pros heading into the 2018 PGA Championship than any other brand, we have a strong connection to the final major of the year. However, adding to that connection even further is the TaylorMade influence within Bellerive itself. As a 20+ year pro at Bellerive and current Director of Golf, Mike Tucker knows the course better than almost anyone. Working alongside him, Brandon Veld—Head Pro for the last three years—is another TaylorMade staffer who has been eagerly awaiting this major moment since he came on staff at this Missouri gem. 



A passion for golf runs deep through TaylorMade, and Mike and Brandon have helped channel that passion into the membership at Bellerive. And based on what we've heard from Mike and Brandon, the Bellerive community (and all of St. Louis) has been buzzing with anticipation as major championship golf returns to their home for the first time since 1992. 


To learn more about the strategy it takes to navigate Bellerive and the equipment in play for the best of Team TaylorMade, click HERE.



Chris Edwards
Copywriter — TaylorMade Golf