IRON TESTERS WANTED: Test the new M5 & M6 irons with SpeedBridge Technology | TaylorMade Golf


More distance and more speed. From a single digit to a high-handicapper, those are two things we all want more of. 


If you’re looking to add some juice to your iron game, we want to help you out.


TaylorMade is looking for product testers to test the all new M5 & M6 irons with Speed Bridge technology and I wanted to share it with members of our TaylorMade Community first before pushing it out to the general public.


Click here to sign up and enter for your chance to receive a FREE 7-iron of either the new M5 or M6 iron.


We have 5,000 individual 7-irons waiting for those who are interested and chosen.


Both the M5 & M6 irons feature Speed Bridge, a new and innovative iron technology that unites every element of performance. Speed Bridge enhances energy transfer and creates a unique sound and feel without sacrificing on distance.


The M6 iron is made to go far and its built to offer maximum distance and forgiveness.


M5 irons are more compact with a players-inspired design. It’s got power, forgiveness, but also workability. M5 irons also have a tungsten weight in the toe to help max out the iron for power.


Here’s a quick side-by-side breakdown of all the technologies inside these two irons:


Screen Shot 2019-04-16 at 11.16.32 AM.png


So sign up! Take the #SpeedBridgeChallenge, and, if you’re selected, come back here and let us all know what you think of the clubs.


Great opportunity here for golfers to get a chance to test Speed Bridge technology. I gamed the M2 Tour irons for a few seasons and always felt those fell into the same class as the M3 and M5 iron. I have seen the M5 irons in person and found the sizing of them is surprisingly compact with a very similar blade length to the P790. There is so much technology packed into these irons, really makes you wonder how they fit it all in with the compact head size. Good luck to all who enter to test.



Thanks for the opportunity to test these out. M6 is probably more suitable for my game with the longer blade and more forgiveness. The Speed Bridge is definitely a different look, but definitely interested in checking out the distance and performance. 


I have an m6 driver an m4 and an m2 3 wd,  A p790 2iron, would love to test out an iron, preferribly the one best suited for scratch players. THANKS