While "Glory's Last Shot" may no longer be the official slogan of the PGA Championship, the spirit of the tagline remains true as the best in the world head to Bellerive Country Club for their final crack at a major in 2018.


This year, it's truly Glory's Last Shot for the PGA Championship as the 4th major will move up to become the season's 2nd major in 2019. The PGA TOUR is set to undergo significant scheduling adjustments next year which will result in all four majors (and THE PLAYERS) to be reshuffled into a once-a-month cadence. 


Despite the new scheduling slot for the PGA Championship, the unique nature of this major will always remain the same. This event presents a special opportunity for PGA Professionals from around the country to compete against each other to play in a major championship. This year, of the 20 PGA Pros who punched their ticket to Bellerive, an industry-leading 9 TaylorMade pros will be representing the #1 Performance Brand in Golf at the 100th anniversary of the PGA Championship.


To commemorate this major accomplishment and honor all of our 2,000+ staff professionals from across the country, our final set of 2018 Major Edition Accessories pay tribute to the TaylorMade representatives who help everyday golfers at their local courses. 




"This year, our final Major Edition Staff Bag is about honoring our Club Professionals around the country. Within the lining of each pocket, you'll see over 2,000 different names of each of our staff pros. The names are printed on top of a silver lining, which represents the silver Wannamaker Trophy. 


This is the most exciting and fun element of this bag design—when our club pros get their hands on one of these bags, they'll open it up and try to find their name as well as other professionals that they work with. It's a way to connect the wider TaylorMade family and help to emphasize the value that we place in our Club Professionals."

                 — Dennis Kennedy | TaylorMade Graphic Designer


Club Professionals play an integral role in growing the game and building a passion for our sport at local clubs. Many of you likely rely on your club pro for swing advice, equipment insights, and in some cases, even guidance on life outside of golf. No one has a closer connection to the everyday golfers, and it was important for us to give a little back to those professionals representing TaylorMade.




Beyond the nod to our many club pros, the bag's design also honors the host organization of the PGA Championship.


"A lot of our prior staff bags tie into the history of the host course, but this bag is more about who we are as a company and the people representing us at golf courses across the country. And at the same time, we're also paying tribute to the last major of the year. With that overall look and feel, you immediately get the connection that this bag belongs at the PGA Championship. We kept it simple and kept it clean while still telling some compelling stories through the design of the bag."

                — Dennis Kennedy | TaylorMade Graphic Designer




Lastly, the minimalistic headcover designs tie together the overall style of the Major Edition Accessories.


"Our Major Edition headcovers are made with genuine white leather. Each headcover also incorporates a navy number patch with gold accents to give the design an additional color pop and tie into the overall style."

                — Dennis Kennedy | TaylorMade Graphic Designer




Each TaylorMade Tour player and all 9 of our qualifying club professionals will have these Major Edition Accessories in play as they take on Bellerive for the 100th PGA Championship.


Can you find the name of your club pro?


Explore the pictures above and the gallery below to find the name of each TaylorMade Staff Professional.











Chris Edwards
Copywriter — TaylorMade Golf

Very cool dedication to all the Club Pros! Trying to see if I can find Joe Debock from Torrey Pines. Love the blue and gold representing the PGA and perhaps unintentionally St. Louis sports teams (former and current) - not to mention my favorite college team just up the road. 


Color scheme here is beautful! Great work! 


Were these available for purchase?  I'm a PGA Member and TaylorMade Staff Player and just found out about this today!  Couldn't find my name...Jared the pics and was wondering if there's a way to find out where it is.