This year, the battle to be named the Champion Golfer of the Year returns to Scotland—the birthplace of golf—for The Open Championship. Hosted at Carnoustie Golf Links for the 8th time, the best players in the world will face the challenge of links golf in a truly historic setting. 


Earlier this year, we designed custom staff bags and headcovers for our athletes that commemorated the location, heritage, and spirit of the year's first two majors. For The Open Championship, our accessories and design teams have created another special-edition set of accessories that taps into the legacy of the third major championship, complete with iconic patterns, premium materials, and an unexpected surprise. 




For the 2018 Open Championship at Carnoustie, our Major Edition accessories take on a uniquely Scottish look and feel. Our Staff Bag features a stylistic plaid pattern, incorporating blue and white hues inspired by the Scottish flag. 


"The plaid pattern itself comes from what the Scots call a family tartan—it's like a coat of arms. This is the family tartan of Allan Robertson, the course designer of Carnoustie. We took the Robertson family tartan pattern, and infused the Scottish flag colors to give our design its own identity." 

                — Dennis Kennedy, TaylorMade Graphic Designer  


Looking inside the bag, you’ll find a unique and unexpected design element—the pockets have been lined with “fighting unicorn” symbols, a competitive take on Scotland’s national animal. Like the hotdog lining of our U.S. Open staff bag, the unicorn lining provides a fun reveal once you open the bag while also paying tribute to the spirit of The Open Championship's host country. 




"We wanted to include a nice surprise when you open up this bag as well—something that brings out a more playful element to the design. Fortunately for us, we had some great iconography to play with since the Scottish national animal is a unicorn. As a result, we created a "fighting unicorn" silhouette to add into the bright blue/dark blue lining." 

                     — Dennis Kennedy, TaylorMade Graphic Designer  


Combining the tartan pattern with the colors of the Scottish flag and a unicorn lining, our 2018 Major Edition Staff Bag pays homage to the historic setting of this year’s third major championship. But we didn't stop there... 


Our 2018 Major Edition Headcovers utilize real, genuine leather with the blue and white contrasting colors, inspired by the colors of the Scottish flag. Unifying the look and feel with the staff bag design, fighting unicorn symbols have also been included on the interior lining of each headcover. With a minimalistic design, premium materials, and the distinctive unicorn lining, our Major Edition Headcovers are the perfect collector’s item for fans of The Open and fans of the heritage of golf. 




"With golf's 3rd major having such a rich history, we wanted to keep everything clean and simple to pay tribute to the heritage of this event. When you see the headcovers alongside the bag, I think it presents a really nice, complementary design that is very unique to this year's championship in Scotland."

                   — Dennis Kennedy, TaylorMade Graphic Designer  



If you want to own a piece of golf history, you can shop for our 2018 Major Edition Staff Bag and Headcovers HERE. 


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Chris Edwards
Copywriter — TaylorMade Golf

Just saw DJ's attire for The Open - the blue on this gear is really going to stand out and look amazing! Nice tribute...can't wait!

This really is such a classic design.