"A technology like Twist Face doesn't come around every year. It's a rare leap in technology and performance that has the potential to help every golfer. When you're playing M3 or M4, you're going to have a distinct advantage over any other driver out there because of Twist Face technology. " 

                                  - Brian Bazzel, Vice President | Product Creation 



It has been less than 6 months since M3 and M4 drivers at the Tournament of Champions. In that time, players using Twist Face drivers have picked up 10 victories across the PGA TOUR and European Tour. This includes wins for DJ in Kapalua, Jon Rahm at the CareerBuilder Challenge and Open de Espana, Rory McIlroy at the Arnold Palmer Invitational, and Jason Day at the Farmers Insurance Open and Wells Fargo Championship. 


Perhaps even more impressive is the fact that 9 of the top 12 players on the Official World Golf Rankings are playing a driver with Twist Face. Within those 9 players are several of Team TaylorMade's brightest stars as well as several "free agents" (athletes who have chosen to play a 2018 TaylorMade driver without an equipment contract). 




"They're just really great products. Our Tour players are seeing more ballspeed in both the M3 and M4 drivers, and the concept of Twist Face is something that really resonates with these guys." 

                         - Todd Chew | TaylorMade PGA TOUR Manager 


However, the affection for Twist Face drivers on Tour didn’t set in immediately... 


At first, this radical new technology was hard to believe. "Woah, woahwoah... what's a Twist Face?" were the first words uttered by Jason Day after being shown a dramatized model of the new face design. (See the full Twist Face reveal video HERE)


There was confusion, surprise, excitement, and a lot of laughter, but once the initial shock of the reveal began to wear off, the best players in the world came to understand the science behind the revolutionary driver innovation.  


Despite the advanced science and thorough testing that went into creating this technology, none of it matters unless it performs out on the course. While 9 professional wins seem like enough substantiation of the advantages of M3 and M4 drivers, the real benefit is seen when you dig into the year-over-year driving accuracy percentage stats for Team TaylorMade.  


FairwayPercentage-2.jpegStats via

"When I'm on the golf course, I'm very competitive. To have that confidence, knowing that with this Twist Face technology (is) going to help you hit more fairways—that little twist in the face is a great piece of innovation." 

                                  - Rory McIlroy


While Rory's increase in fairway percentage pales in comparison to, say, Jason Day's nearly 9-point jump, every detail matters when competing on the PGA TOUR level. A fraction of a percent can be the difference between a fairway or hazard, par or bogey, victory or defeat. 


Beyond an increase in driving accuracy, players benefitting from Twist Face are finding themselves at the top of several other PGA TOUR driving stats.


Strokes Gained: Off-the-Tee

1. Dustin Johnson (M3 driver)

2. Jon Rahm (M4 driver)

3. Luke List (M4 driver)

4. Other

5. Gary Woodland (M3 driver)


Total Driving

1. Free Agent (M3 driver)

2. Other

3. Jason Day (M3 driver)

4. Gary Woodland (M3 driver)

5. Other



"I'd rather hit driver on every hole if I could. If I could hit one more fairway a round, that's huge. If I have more confidence that it's going to go straighter, that's even more drivers I'll be able to hit." 

                                               - Dustin Johnson 



As golfers, I think all of us can relate to wanting to step up to the tee with the big stick in hand. And while most (all) of us are a long way away from the performance metrics put on display by TaylorMade's best, we can still benefit from the same Twist Face technology that's played by the top-ranked players in the world.

 Twist Face Giveaway.jpeg


Are you hitting more fairways with Twist Face? Share your comments below, and be sure to post your best Twist Face photos to Instagram using #TeamTaylorMade for your chance to have your post featured on our social channels.


If you still haven't tried M3 or M4 driver for yourself, get out to your local golf shop to give it a swing or visit to sign up for a free (FREE!) fitting event in your area. 





Chris Edwards
Copywriter — TaylorMade Golf

In the interest of full disclosure it would be interesting to see that comparison for all players on the pga tour. If that pattern repeats it suggests you are genuinely onto something...