Prior to teeing it up at this week at the WGC Mexico Championship, Haotong Li stopped off at The Kingdom in Carlsbad to meet up with Adrian Rietveld to dial in his new set of P·760 irons.


In high spirits and in the mood to hit golf balls Haotong was on a mission to clean up his iron set. Gaming a combo set consisting of an M3 3 Iron moving through to P750 Irons (4-9) then his 48° Milled Grind WedgeHaotong had constantly tested 4 Irons which had more of a cavity in and never quite finding the one that worked for him, our tour team built a set of P760 irons in his spec.



OSN01288.jpgSpeaking to Adrian on what initially attracted Haotong to the P760 irons he stated,


“Because of the way the irons progress, getting a little bit bigger as you make your way to the long irons, theylaunch a little bit higher and a little bit more speed off the face. He’s [Haotong] able to maintain his gapping throughout the set of irons without having to change to a different head.”



Before testing, Haotong played 9 holes and liking the look of the P760’s he was eager to dial in loft and lie to get his desired shape.


“Haotong doesn't like to miss left, he would prefer his miss to be further right and he will look at the start line of the golf ball and see how much its moving and will try and encourage the setup of the club to be more right.”--Adrian Rietveld (TaylorMade’s European Sports Marketing Senior Manager-Tour)


After working with Adrian, the irons performed exactly how they were supposed to, launching a little bit higher, more speed and Haotong’s carry numbers were longer which resulted in the irons going straight in the bag!


In addition to Haotong's P760 testing, he pitted the M5 driver against the M6 driver in the fitting bay and time will tell on which driver Haotong will favour in Mexico. 


Really cool to see more and more guys putting a full P760 set in play. Hopefully this is starting a trend on tour and that number will continue to grow!