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Putting is a game within the game. Watch one TOUR event and you’ll see the world’s best putting with everything from a standard grip, to left hand low, claw, and in extreme cases, side saddle. Once you get past grips, you then have back-and-through strokes and arcing strokes. You may even see one guy on TOUR looking at the hole when he putts.


What we’re beating to death here is that putting is preferential. We’ve noticed this more and more with our success of Spider putters on TOUR. Athletes have being coming out of the woodwork asking for their preferred hosel and sightline combinations on our Spider Tour line, and it has opened our eyes to how we develop putters.


The preferences of hosel and sightline are limitless, but we’ve narrowed it down to 6 combinations that cater to over 80% of golfers from TOUR pros to PGA Professionals and amateurs.




This led us to the introduction of the new TP Red Collection. TaylorMade TP Red putters are already popping up on TOUR with Jason Day switching into an Red Ardmore II and Justin Rose adding a Red Chaska to his bag.



TPCollection-RED-1337 (1).jpg

Putter hosels make a bigger impact than you might think. Not only do hosels dictate amount of toe hang or face balanced a putter may have, they also play a roll in alignment. For example, center-shaft and double-bend hosels both result in a face-balanced putter. Some golfers prefer the center-shaft model, as it’s an obvious visual to bring the center of the putter face to the ball. On the other hand, some golfers prefer the double-bend shaft so they can see a cleaner topline with no obstruction to any sightlines.


Sightline Alignment Aids

TPCollection-RED-1300 (1).jpg

You’ll notice a variety sightlines across the entire TP Red Collection. Essentially, the surface area of each putter provided a canvas to create optimal sightlines. We provided multiple alignment options (with various hosels) on each putter style and ran it through a variety of testing panels.


Our data tells us sightline length makes a direct impact on aiming ability. We’ve made sightlines as long as possible across the board, as nearly every tester was closer to 0° pointing at their target line when using a longer alignment sightline.


Toe Hang

Toe hang is one of the more black and white aspects of putter preference. The amount of toe hang should cater to the amount of arc on one’s putting stroke. More toe hang is ideal for a more arcing stroke, whereas face-balance design is better for a straight back, straight through stroke. Ultimately, more toe hang can help keep the face on line with one’s natural arc, while a face-balanced design will help promote a square face for a more linear stroke.




Some of you may be wondering where the blade putters are. Truth is, a majority of players on TOUR are shifting away from traditional blade putters and into more forgiving high-MOI mallets. If top players are opting for more forgiveness, there’s a good chance you should be too. However, you can still find blade putters in our TP Silver Collection.


Ultimately, you’re not going to find which putter is best for your game by reading a blog or looking at other consumer reviews… again, putting is largely preferential. TP Red Collection is now available at your local golf shop, so go give them a roll to see which one works best for you.

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I've got a Ardmore 2 (face balanced) with the Red Lamkin grip on order.  I love the shape of the head, the alignment lines and dare I say, the red color.  I can't wait to put this one in the bag!

The Special Edition Ardmore that's up on the website is calling out to me. If it was an Ardmore 2 head, I'd have bought it already. Decisions, decisions, decisions...


I’m new to this site re-equipmenting myself back to a complete taylormade bag of clubs.also going to try our the new red line of putters that have been released.i should have never changed to a different brand 😎


 My Ardmore 2 putter  arrive today. I immediately did some carpet padding and fell deeper in love with how it feels and rolls the ball.  The putter face is soft and responsive. I believe this putter will be in my bag for a very long time! 


I've got a couple rounds under my belt with the Ardmore 2 (and P790 irons).  The single bend shaft allows a clean look down at the putter head.  The alignment lines are spot on perfect!  The putter is point and shoot easy to use.  The ball rolls so nicely!  I holed a few putts that were quite long which helped build my confidence with this putter.  If anything, I'm not sure I'm 100% in love with the red.  Black would have been my choice but as my wife says, "black is boring" and who am I to disagree!


I can not believe how well I am putting with the Ardmore 2!!!  Having an ALL TM bag must have brought me good luck because I am shooting lower scores than I have all year!  

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