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This morning, we formally announced our 2019 M5 & M6 drivers with new Speed Injected Twist Face technology. To celebrate the launch of our latest drivers, we'd love to give our Community Members the opportunity to among the first to test and review our latest breakthrough in driver performance, prior to the February 1st release date. 


If this is the first you're hearing about our new M5 and M6 drivers and Speed Injected Twist Face, the following link is a great place to dig in: http://tmgolf.co/InjectedTwistFace


Please respond to this thread with your current driver model, loft, shaft, shaft flex, and shaft weight + a few sentences on why you're interested in being an early tester. 

We'll be selecting 10 winners on January 21st and expediting shipping to all winners shortly after to ensure you have time to test prior to M5 and M6 being available in golf shops.


Lastly, this is limited to the United States only. Sincere apologies to our fans around the globe. We'll be working with our legal team to make our product testing opportunities international in the near future!


Official Rules: http://tmgolf.co/TestersSweeps


Chris Edwards
Copywriter — TaylorMade Golf
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TaylorMade M3 460, 9.5*, Fujikura Pro 73g, Stiff

I would be incredibly interested in being an early tester for the M5/M6 driver as I would like to see first hand how the new manufacturing process can push the COR limits of the modern driver and allow for all drivers produced be fine tuned for performance. To put a driver in play that pushes the legal limit for ball speed, employs a 66% larger sweet spot, and TwistFace for control, checks all the boxes for what I am looking to get out of a driver. Distance, forgiveness, and control. Being able to test the new product and share experiences on this site and others is both beneficial and crucial to other golfers looking for information on performance. This is a huge part of this online community, and it would be an honor to partake in this testing experiment.

Currently playing the M3, I am a firm believer in the effects of the TwistFace and Hammerhead technologies, and the new iteration of the M Series drivers with Speed Injected TwistFace will allow for even greater ball speed for my game. Everyone gets faster.

I also have access to Trackman for my full review.

Thank you for the opportunity.



I am currently playing an M3, graphite design AD BB 6 stiff flex at 44.75".  I would love to test the new drivers early to help others choose a club that is great for them as a product advocate here as well as online.  I have enjoyed my time helping others as an advocate the past 4 years and helping others here as well with info on the new products.  I am also excited to play an indoor golf league here in NJ over the winter and would love to let others hit this new club as well on the monitors to see if we can get some more players into the new TM gear.


go #teamtaylormade



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Current Driver:  TaylorMade M1; 9.5 loft; KURO KAGE Silver TiNi 50, S flex; 59g


I am interested in helping test the new M5 and M6 because, although I am an average golfer (12 hdcp), I have played the game my entire life and worked in the golf industry for most of the last 11 years. I think feedback from a golfer who doesn't hit the ball 300+ yards and who almost never hits the center of the face can be beneficial to a project such as this. The experience I have with these clubs will closely resemble that of your typical customer.


In addition, a big part of my current job is helping our customers choose the club that is the right fit for their game, as well as training our employees in how to market TaylorMade products. The knowledge I would gain by helping test these clubs would be invaluable in terms of educating our staff and our golfers about the benefits of TaylorMade technolgy.


Thank you for your consideration!

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I am currently gaming an M3 460cc 9.5 degree head with a Graphite Design Tour AD GP 7X shaft. I currently am a product advocate for TM through the website as well as an instructor at my local club. Being able to hit the new products in advance would give me the first hand knowledge of the product to pass along to fellow consumers, especially the customers already shopping on the TM website. Furthermore, I am also pursuing a Master's Degree in Data Analytics from Penn State. The increasing need for data in golf has only furthered my love for the game. Being able to see the increase in ball speed because of the speed injected resin or the reduced side spin on toe and heel hits is something that I can't wait to do on a simulator with the new drivers. With my M3 I saw a dramatic increase in fairways hit (went from 46% FIR to 61%), and now with the combination of twist face and speed injection, I can only imagine what I will be able to do on the course. Being chosen as an early tester for the drivers will allow me the opportunity to spread the benefits of the driver to fellow customers, but also gain more and more data on myself as a player. 


Current Driver: TaylorMade 2017 M1, Set at 9.5° loft, Project X HZRDUS Black 75, Stiff 6.0, 75g weight shaft. 


I would love to able to test the M5 and M6 drivers and Speed Injected Twist Face. While currently using the 2017 TaylorMade M1, I have yet to see the personal outcomes of "Twist Face" technology. For the past weeks, I've been in great wonderance of what I've been seeing on GolfWRX, MyGolfSpy, following 'ollieneglerio' and 'bystedt' on instagram and hoping for a sneak preview of what's next to come out! Finally the annoucement has been made, and I am really excited to have the opportunity to test these bad boys out if given! I'm currently in the market for a new driver and wanted to test the lastest TaylorMade wood offerings against the Srixon z585/z785, Ping G400 Max, and Cobra F9 Speedback. I would love to see the new Twist Face+Speed Injected technolgy working together to benefit my golf game. I would be a big advocate for the new line of products on my social chanels and give that real talk honest feedback! 


I'd even be down to come out to the kingdom if given the opportunity!




Hey @ChrisEdwards what's the shaft adapter for this year? Is it still compatible with previous generation shaft adapters? 

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Callaway Rogue 10.5(-1°), Aldila Rogue Silver 70 gram XS.
I’m interested in testing the M5 because last year I went away from a TaylorMade Driver for the first time ever and it was a detriment to my game off the tee, so I am anxious to get back to TaylorMade, the rest of my clubs, my ball and bag are all TaylorMade as well. I have been waiting for these to be officially announced so I could see the official specs and details and the M5 has me excited. Would like to try with the Rogue shaft or HZRDUS SMOKE.
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I feel a bit sheepish applying to test one of the new drivers! 🤕 Started last year with an M3 10.5 with GD IZ-6X shaft. And really liked that combo. But late in the year picked up a Ping G400max 10.5. I had started to to miss out on the toe a bit and found the G400max pretty forgiving. I continued to play the TP5 golf ball and certainly with the new improvements to the ball do not see that changing. Actually will test both versions again to can as much performance as possible. The combination of M5/M6 and new TP5/TP5X offers so much performance gains, I would love the opportunity to test that this spring. Comparison on track man and on course against last years drivers and ball also.
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My current driver is the M2 D-Type with the REAX reg shaft.


I would be interested to test the newer M6 D-Type and provide the neccessary feedback with a comparison to my current driver.  It would be interesting to see how the "injected" face reacts in different conditions and circumstances.  I switched this year to the TP5 golf ball and will be playing this weekend.  I was going to trade in my M2 for an M3 this year but if chosen I will hold off on the process!


Thanks in advance for an opprotunity!