2019 TP5/TP5x vs Gen 1 TP5/TP5x

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How many guys on here have tried the new TP5/TP5x against the previous model? What are your thoughts and experiences with it. Have you noticed an improvement?

I have been playing the new TP5x for 2 weeks now exclusively after playing the previous model since it’s inception. Always liked that ball and never switched it out until the new TP5x.

I have only played outdoors and don’t have any launch monitor data for ball speeds.

On average I have found around 3-5 yards more distance with the irons, 5-8 yards with the woods and around 10 with the driver.

The new high-flex material, HFM, is the reason for more distance lowering spin and better energy transfer to ball speed.

The durability of this ball over the previous model is incredible. One of my only issues with the Gen 1 ball was how quickly it would get worn out. If I hit a cart path, forget it. The 2019 ball is much more durable and allows me to keep it in play much longer than the previous model. Huge plus for me!