Build Your All-Time Dream Taylormade Bag

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What would be your dream Taylormade bag if you had:

  • No Budgetary Constraints
  • Access to any club/shaft/etc. they've ever made




  • Driver:   Tour Issue 2016 M2 8.5* w/ Oban Tour Limited 60X
  • 3Wood:   2016 M2 3HL Deep Face w/ Tensei CK Pro White 80TX
  • Driving Iron: P790 UDI 2 iron w/ Tensei CK Pro White 100HY
  • 3-PW: Taylormade P-730 Raw w/ Dynamic Gold Tour Issue X100
  • 50/56: Taylormade Milled Grind Raw SB w/ Dynamic Gold Tour Issue S400
  • 60: Taylormade Hi-Toe w/ Dynamic Gold Tour Issue S400
  • Putter: DJ Spider Tour Black 35"


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Having played a lot of TaylorMade over the years, my bag would line up pretty close to what I'm playing now, or plan to play in 2018. At least until the new stuff is announced on Jan 2... Smiley Very Happy


Driver: Tour Issue 2017 M2 9.5 (hotmelt in toe), Graphite Design Tour AD GP-6s

Fairway: 2016 M2 T3 (deep face), Graphite Design Purple Ice 85X

Driving iron: P790 UDI 2

Irons: Some sort of P700 combo. Likely P730 in 6-PW, P770 in 4-5 (maybe P790 4). Modus 130 S shafts

Wedges: Milled Grind 50 raw, Milled Grind 54 raw (bent to 55), Hi-Toe 60

Putter: JDay Itsy Bitsy proto


One caveat here. If my venerable 2005 RAC Forged TP irons had conforming grooves, those might still be in the mix. I loved those irons.

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lets see...


M1 Driver 10.5 HZRDUS Black (would like to compare to the handmade) 6.0

2007 Burner TP 3 wood, I do however like my M1...

really lking my M2 LIFT 3 iron

P790 4 iorn

P770 5-PW

Milled Grind High Toe wedges (if they come to retail and lower the flight some)

Spider Black Putter


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  • Driver:   Tour Issue 2017 M2 9.5* w/ Oban Tour Limited 65X
  • 3Wood:   2017 M2 TOUR 15* w/ Tour AD BB7X
  • Driving Iron: P790 UDI 3 iron w/ Atmos Blue 85x
  • 4-6 P750 Tour Proto 7-PW: Taylormade P-730 Raw w/ Dynamic Gold Tour Issue X100
  • 50/56/60 : Taylormade Milled Grind Raw LB w/ Dynamic Gold Tour Issue S400
  • Putter: DJ Spider Tour Black 35"


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Assume since I'm dreaming I can get righty stuff made lefty????


Driver: M1 2017 9.5 w/ Hzrdus T1100 65 6.5

3 Wood: M1 2017 16.5 w/ Hzrdus Black 75 6.5

UDI 18 w/ DG Tour Issue AMT X100

TP RAC MP Smoke 4-PW w/ DG X7 soft stepped

XFT 50, 54, and 58 bent to 59 w/ DG X100 Tour Issue

Spider Mallet 2.0 38" counterbalance


Nothing but the best!

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THis would be the dream bag this year. Currently gaming M2 and M1 in similar set up below, with M2 Tour irons, RTX-3 wedges, Spider Black Putter, and TP5x.


M4 Driver 10.5 Kuro Kage Silver 60g Stiff

M4 3HL Wood Kuro Kage Silver 70g Stiff

M3 5 Wood Kuro Kage Silver 70g Stiff

P790 4-7 iorn

P730 8-P iorn

Milled Grind Antique Wedges 52/56/60

Spider Black Putter

TP5x Ball

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2017 M1 440 8.5 Rogue 125MSI 60TX

V Steel 13* Spoon HZRDUS Black 75 6.5

V Steel 18* HZRDUS Black 85 6.5

R9 TP B 3-P Modus 130X

Milled Grind 50,54,60 Modus

Original Spyder

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2016 M2 Tour Issue 9.5* w/Tensei Orange
2017 M2 Tour 3HL w/Atmos Blue 7
M2 Lift 2 iron w/Hzrdus Black
P790 UDI 3 iron w/Modus 3 120
4-7 P750 w/Modus 3 120
8-PW P730 w/Modus 3 120
52/58 MG Raw w/S300
DJ Spider Tour Black 34”

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Superquad 282 9.5* with Matrix ozik TP7HD

R9 tour issue 15* with Matrix Ozik HD8 

R9 TPb 3-PW with KBS TOUR X

Milled Grind RAW 56* and 60* with KBS Black Nickel 

DJ Spider 34" with T sight line 



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  • Driver: M4 9.5* w/ mitsubishi rayon kurokage 60X
  • 3 wood: M4 15* w/ project x t1100 6.5 75g
  • 3 iron: P790 w/ nippon modus 120 X
  • 4-7 iron: P770 w/ nippon modus 120 X
  • 8-P wedge: P750 w/ nippon modus 120 X
  • Wedges: Milled Grind "Antique Bronze" 52,56,60 w/ nippon modus 115 wedge
  • Putter: TP Red Collection Ardmore 2 "L" neck
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