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Why the color change on the sole plate and weights of the black DJ Spider. Putter looked so much better with black and silver weights. If anything make the weights black, but red plate and weights does not look good. Is it still possible to order the orignal model from last year? Have one that I had gotten a small sight line milled on it and was going to get it made into the 'T' similar to DJ's, but foolishly allowed a friend to try it out and he promptly maimed it during a round

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Why do car companies sometimes change paint colors for a different model year of the same car? Product marketing folks are going to do what they do.


That said, I happen to agree with you about the changes. The all black with silver weights looks better, but thankfully they're just superficial changes and aren't ones you even see at address. That's what ultimately matters and thankfully that hasn't been messed with.


In my eyes, the Itsy Bitsy to Spider Tour lineup has always been a little scatterbrained, starting with the first black IB proto that Day put into play, followed by adding red, then different sightlines, etc. The cosmetic changes to the 2018 models are really the first time the lineup has had a singlular vision of what it should look like altogether. These are the kind of changes I would expect from a marketing team to keep the product "fresh".

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