David's M6 Driver Review

New Contributor

Needless to say I was very excited to be chosen as a tester for Taylormade's new drivers, in this case, the M6.  I currently have a Cleveland Golf Monster, 10.5 loft with a regular flex graphite shaft.  I drive the ball (using my Taylormade Project (a) golf balls) around 230 yards.  I'm currently playing to a 16 handicap.  My normal ball flight is a slight draw.  I was looking for a new driver this season, one that sounded better, and had a better overall feel/look to it.  The Monster is a bit clunky.  


When the M6 arrived, I was very impressed with the head design and look.  I love the graphite look, the grays, blacks and red.  The top gray line on top of the head certainly helps in squaring the face.  The quality of finish is perfect.  The graphite shaft looks great.  My only complaint is not about the club itself but the headcover.  While it looks really cool, it takes a little struggle to put it on.


Since its been around 10 degrees here in Rhode Island, I headed over to the newest indoor golf similator in Newport and spent about 40 minutes just hitting driver using their Trackman system.  I started off by hitting my current driver to just warm up and get into a rhythm.  One thing that always bothered me about my The Monster was the aluminum baseball bat sound it made.  It was loud!  


Taking a few easy swings with the M6 just to get the feel of the new club, I really liked the feel and the overall weight was good, nice and light but with enough feeling in the head that gave me confidence to give it a good hard, smooth swing.  The sound was nice and soft, a crisp sound so much better than the aluminun bat.  The M6 felt really good and had a nice 'click' sound hitting the ball.  But onto the real stuff...


After dialiing in a slight loft/lie change, all of my drives (well, okay, a few mi**bleep**s that didn't behave...) found the simulated fairway with my slight draw, but on average, about 10 yards more distance!  I'll take it!  After hitting 50 balls or so, I did find that the head did feel heavier than the Monster, not by much, and in no way did it impact my swing etc.  And when I say heavier, I'm talking ounces.  The ball flight was pretty consistent along with the spin rate of the ball coming off of the club.  With a few exceptions, the carry and roll was amazingly within 10-15% throughout my session.  That gives me alot of confidence heading out to the course.  


So, after hitting both clubs for 40 minutes or so, I found that the M6 gave a better performance and certainly looked and SOUNDED so much better than my driver.  I'm looking forward to actually playing on a course when we thaw out here.  I think I just found a new favorite club!  The M6 performed very well.