Finally Upgraded Irons After 10 Years! And Had My First Real Fitting Experience!

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I've been golfing for as long as I can remember. As a native of Myrtle Beach, SC aka Golf Capital of the USA I can’t remember I time when I wasn’t playing (average) golf. I’m currently carrying a respectable 12.4 handicap that I would love to see go down this summer. Growing up with my first set of starter clubs and moving up after that to name brands clubs to getting my first brand new set (my current set of irons) when I made the Myrtle Beach High School Golf Team my sophomore year of High School. At the time the irons were state of the art Callaway's I bought right off the shelf at a PGA Tour Superstore. Up until recently they've performed fine. I've had the grips replaced 3 or 4 times and I've hit some amazing shots with them. But it's time for a new set. 


So off I went to my local golf shop here in Wilmington, NC (Pro Golf Wilmington) to try my hand at the latest and greatest from Taylormade. When I first walked in I had my eye on the P770’s. Something about them just struck me as sexy and screaming at me to hit them. After talking with the fitting expert he also convinced me to hit the new P790’s, so I hit them first. Now, let me preface this with; I currently hit my 7-iron about 155 yards. Nothing special, but consistent and respectable yardage. Expecting to have about that same flight and distance I stepped up and gave a nice little 75% swing. The sound that the ball made coming off the face of that club was and is magic to my ears. It took off, had a nice little baby draw and when I turned around to look at the launch monitor I was dumbfounded. I turned to the fitting expert and said, “you’re joking right? Did that ball really got 205?!” Also, an explicative may have been added, but I digress. It did. So I lined up to hit another thinking the monitor is for sure wrong. Let me hit another. Again, flew about 195 in the air and rolled to 202. Over and over again, chuck or pure I was constantly amazed at what the new Taylormade irons did for me on the monitor. I continued with the 790’s for 4 more shots, then switched to the 770’s. When I hit them pure there wasn’t any comparison, they felt amazing. But the forgiveness of the 790’s was unmatched. After about an hour, I settled on the P790’s. The forgiveness, feel, and distance they provided had me basically watering at the mouth.


With my new irons in the bag I can’t wait for this summer. I’ve been trying (and failing) to beat my father-in-law, John, for the better part of 3 years now since I met my wife. Now with my new P790’s in the bag he better watch out. Game on!

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Great story!!! I also too just put the P790s in my bag. And let me tell you everything you’ve described is the same success I’ve had. I’ve been gaming the TM ‘08 tour preferred irons with project X 6.0 shafts. It is amazing the difference!!

I got my 790s with Modus 3 120S and love them. My only regret is that I wish I would’ve tried the Modus 3 105 shafts, as well, when I tried the 120 and 130. If I would’ve I totally would’ve gotten the 105X shafts. Instead I just have the 105 in my 3 and 4 iron and 120 in 5-PW. Either way the 790s are for real and amazing!!!
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