M4 Fairway Woods - Please Advice

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I recently used my brother's M4 Fairway Woods and noticed soft feeled club face and the balls I hit didn't go straight (I still use M2 or R11S in the local tournaments or skins game). Are your M4 (or M3) Fairway Woods like that? I thought about updating my Fairway Woods, but I'd like to ask if how you are hitting your M4 (or M3)s. 

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I played the M4 3HL all season after replacing my ‘16 M2 3HL. I never had issues hitting the ball long and straight, but I will say that I always felt my M2 was hotter. I really liked the flight I got with the M2 and I always called it my automatic club, cause it was very hard to hit a bad shot with it. The feel from the M2 over the M4 was just personal preference. I am absolutely looking forward to the M5 and M6 woods this year though.

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M4 is a bit easier to hit. It has a little spin which makes it easier to launch/control. M3 has a smaller profile and less spin which makes it a bit easier to shape and can be a monster off the tee depending on how you adjust it. M3 is typically best suited for better players. We're super excited about M5 and M6 this year though!

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