P790 UDI Stock Shaft Project X HZRDUS 85 Flex 5.5

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I went to my local dealer to order a P790 UDI #2 iron with the stock shaft Project X HZRDUS 85 flex 5.5 (R).

Unfortunately my dealer was told that this iron can not be ordered with this shaft in flex 5.5 (R).


What surprise me is that the shaft exists on the manufacturer website and was suggested on the TaylorMade website a few weeks ago (I took a screen capture), but has now been removed from the TM website, only 6.0 and 6.5 are now suggested.


1. Does anyone have an explanation on why the 5.5 flex can not be ordered? TM staff?


2. Would you recommend Project X HZRDUS 85 flex 6.0 (S) or for instance graphite UST Recoil 95 regular?

What about going for steel Dynamic Gold 105 (stock shaft on P790 4-PW)?

(swing speed ~84mph #7 iron)



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Maybe it is possible that many of these shafts did not sell, so a decision was made not to stock them.

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