RBZ Roketballz AW Wedge.

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I have recently purchased a set of Pre Owned RBZ Rocketballz Irons 5 to PW + AW.

I play off 18 so do you think that I need to purchase a Sandwedge or will the AW be sufficient for most bunker shots (bunkers on my course are all fairly shallow).

I also have an R5 Dual 7 wood. Do you think this would cover most shots where a 3 and 4 iron would be used as I need to decide whether to invest and a 3 and 4 irons which are not easily found as separate clubs in the UK at a sensible price.

look forward to receiving feedback. Peter Smith

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Me personally, I would invest in a good sand wedge. Your short game is where you score but also where you can save a round when your striking is off. I would also not go with a set sand wedge but instead a specialized sand wedge and learn to chip, pitch, and play sand shots with it. It will pay dividends inside of 100 yards. I would say your top end is fine. How many times in a round do you really need a long shot? Those are also the hardest to execute. In comparison, you chip, pitch, or are in the sand much more often. I actually now carry 4 wedges (PW, AW, SW, LW) and my scores have come way down versus when I had an extra club in the top end of my bag. I hope this helps.