Surecook's M5 Driver Review

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About Myself


I am a 36 yo 8 handicap from Kansas City, MO currently playing the Titleist 913 D2 with a Diamana whiteboard X flex (75). The cold, snowy midwest cuased the late review. I wanted to wait until I got to warm and sunny florida to give the driver a fair shot!


First Impression


The first thing I noticed when I saw the M5 was the sweet spot not appearing to be in the center of the club face. At first this threw everything off and caused a few erratic drives since the look was not comfortable to me. The matte black finish was very inviting and does not draw the eye like the shiny finish of my Titleist.




The M5 is very unique and plays as advertised, once I started hitting the driver my response was WOW! The twist face works, with mis-hits not being as bad as with my current driver.


As far as carry distance I have not noticed a huge gain compared to my 913, the biggest difference is my bad shots are not as bad as with the 913!


On the adjustable weight system, I am a high ball hitter so the only change I made was on the “height” adjustment. I wish the driver came with an explanation of the adjustments. For example, if you do A try this setup or something similar.


Sound & Feel


The M5 makes a unique sound which took me some time to get used to. After hitting several drives the sound is perfect and feels so smooth!


Final Thoughts


This driver is amazing, really squeezing my mis-hits in and enabling me to keep it in play and have a chance on a second shot. At first, I was not convinced on the twist face technology but after hitting it that all changed and I am a firm believer. I never thought I would pull my Titleist out of the bag but now I am a Taylormade convert!

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Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Glad you found the driver helps with your game. I am also a huge believer of Twist Face and am still gaming an M3 460 driver and have benefited largely from the technology since upgrading from my previous ‘16 M2 driver.

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