TP5 & TP5x Golf Balls

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Seaghan; No problems mate, the A in the AVX actually stands for ALTERNATIVE i.e an alternative to the Pro V1 and Pro V1X.


I've used it 5 times in 5 comps this week and I do have to say that I am liking the ball the more I play it. 5 Comps, two wins, a 2nd and 3rd placing! 


Yesterday was the first time in any sort of wind and the difference i did note is that the AVX didn't hold it's line like the TP5 does, it did drift slightly with the wind, so one has to aim accordingly.


Now, the stopping on the greens...I have to admit I don't see 'too much' of a difference between the TP5 and the AVX with an 8 iron to the 58 degree I use (HiToe). The 7 iron to the hybrids, yes, it did run a little, but not "feet" as such...probably 9 - 10 inches more  than the TP5..but certainly not like a 'brick ball'!


Is it longer than the TP5? Yes, in my humble opinion it is. I was playing with a chap I play with often and his driver is normally 10-15 yards past mine, all the time. Not yesterday, 3 times I actually out drove him. Par 3 yesterday, wind not really helping nor hurting as such, slight side wind, 138 yards....7 iron all day for me (I'm 67 and play off of 10). Downslope at 145 yards...yup, you've guessed it...flew the downslope, but still made par! So yes, I do believe that they are longer and I did notice it when I first started using them.


Are they going to replace my TP5's? I have 3 boxes of time will tell on which I reorder first! However, I do admit to liking the AVX, BUT when the wind is blowing a bit, I might bring out the TP5's!

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@Allan wrote:

I'm still trying to flush out my Tour Preferred stock because of the distance change with TP5 will take some getting used to, but with limited testing, the feel really stands out. 


Anybody get to try them yet? Thoughts? 

Just played them in my last tournament ( I’m 13) and I shot my best 18 hole round a 77

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I would always get my hands on ProV1s and say to myself "**bleep** this thing feels nice" and it became my favorite ball. So I find this TM TP5 in the wild and play it. Holy **bleep** I think I'm really liking the way this thing sounds and feels off of my club. So I buy a sleeve of the TP5 just to confirm if that wasn't a fluke and if I really like the ball. After a few rounds, Yup It's confirmed this is my new favorite ball (I still really Like the ProV1s). I just wanted to ask if anyone has played both regardless if it's your favorite or not and which one you prefer out of the 2?

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I love the TP5 ball, I started out with TP5x. It wasn't wat I was wanting in putting. it was lil more clicky off the face. then I tried TP5 ball. it was lot softer and I could fly the ball further. I hit both balls against Prov1, Pro 1x and AVX ball. i was getting 20y-30y further then the titleist balls. overall I'm sticking with TP5 ball. it's a very good combo with my M3. spinning them back on the greens so easy
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I am very excited to see the benefits of the new TP5x ball. I have been playing the TP5x exclusively since its release after switching from the Project(a). I get great feel, spin, and distance from TP5x, and one of my favorite benefits its the way it performs in the wind. Our early and late season rounds are brutally windy and it never seems to affect the TP5x like it does with other balls I have played in the past.


I am looking forward to the improved durabiity of the cover for the new ball as I found that to be a little lacking, but the new HFM material looks like a home run when it comes to ball speed increases. We have seen some great data on it in the past few days and I am looking forward to getting my fair share of ball speed increase this season as well!

Gains over claims. No Ballsh*t! Love that tagline!

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