Upgraded to P790's Update

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Hey Guys, 


A few weeks ago I wrote a short story about how I went and got fit for a new set of P790's and M4 driver. If you need a refresher check it out HERE.


So its been a few weeks, I've finially started to dial in my gapping and distances of my new irons and I can without a doubt say I'm playing the best golf I've played since High School. One of my main goals recently has been to beat my father in law. He's a really good golfer, currently carrying about a 6 handicap. Well that day came last week. I shot 82, which is my lowest score in years and almost had my first hole in one!

 Screen Shot 2018-06-18 at 3.26.20 PM.png


Hopefully as the summer I can continue to lower my scores, my goal is to consistantly shoot in the 70's. So I'm getting closer to that. Next up for me is to upgrade my wedges. Can't wait to have some new Hi-toes in the bag! Here's a look at my current set up. 


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Sounds good! I will try them out tomorrow. Keep us posted about your performance!

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