What's in Your Bag?


Updated with pictures. 


Driver: M3 9.5, Fujikura Speeder Motore Tour Spec 7.2X

Fairway: 2017 M1 3HL, Fujikura Speeder 757X

Driving Iron: TaylorMade P790 UDI 2 Iron, HZRDUS 6.5

Irons: P790 3 Iron, P770 4-PW, Dynamic Gold X100

Wedges: MG RAW 52° and 58° Hi Toe Wedge Dynamic Gold S300

Putter: TaylorMade Spider Tour Black

Ball: TP5


IMG_1037 (2).jpg



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Here is my final 2018 WITB. Looking forward to testing the 2019 equipment and making some major bag changes this year. I have my eye on the 760 irons, and M5 woods and driver.


M3 Driver Fujikura Pro 73 Stiff

M2 3 Wood Rouge 70

P790 UDI 2 Iron PX HZRDUS Black 85

M2 Tour 4-9 KBS C Taper 105

P770 PW KBS FLT 120

Milled Grind 50/54 KBS 610 Wedge

Spider Tour Black Custom Sightline

TP5x #14 Ball




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I really dig that spider.

I personally have JDay tour and dont like the look of tradtitional sightlines as they tend to distract me.

The black on black sightline is subtle enough to serve as an alignment aid, but not distracting at all - and looks pretty great too.

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What's in my bag:



- M3 460cc, 8.5 loft turned down to 8.0

- Diamana DF 70TX tipped 0.5" (sometimes alternated with Aldila Rogue Silver 130 MSI 70TX tipped 0.5")

- heavier weights to play at D5 swingweight


3 Wood

- M3 15 degrees turned down to 14 degrees

- Tensei CK Pro Orange 80TX tipped 1"

- heavier weight to play at D5


2 Iron

- GAPR 2 Iron 18 degrees

- Tensei CK Pro White 110TX tipped 1.5"

- D6 swingweight



- PXG 0311T

- DG Tour Issue X100

- D7 swingweight


54/58 Degree wedges

- Vokey SM7

- custom grinds



- Taylormade TP black copper Soto

- 35.5"


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My setup as of Jan 15th 2019:

Driver-Taylormade M4 9.5 Tensei White 70TX (turned down two notches lower)

3W-Taylormade M4 Tour 15* Tensei Blue 80 X

2i Hybrid-Taylormade M3 Tensei Blue X 

4i-PW: Taylormade P-760 Modus3 Tour 120 X

52*, 56*, 60*-Vokey SM5 Black

64*-Taylormade Hi-Toe

Putter: Odyssey O-Works #9

Ball: Taylormade TP5X

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@AMHolz24- thanks man, subtle is exactly what I wanted. I was either going to go with a full grey, but ended up settling on the black. It still helps me line the put up but doesn’t make me think about it after I address the ball.

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Driver - M3 440 With Oban Devotion 6 05 Flex

3 Wood - M4 with Oban Devotoin 7 05 Flex

3 Iron (Driving Iron) - P790 w/ PX 6.0

4-9 - P760 w/ PX 6.0

Milled Grind 48 (bent to 46) and 50 

TP EF ATV Grind 54 and 58 Wedges (wish they still made these heads are getting hard to find)

MySpider Putter 

TP5X Ball


Can't wait to put the M5 Tour through its paces when it comes out along with the new TP5X Ball.  

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My bag as of Jan. 17, 2019


Driver: R15 Black 9.5* turned down to 7.5*, Hzrdus Black 6.0 75g shaft
Fairway: M4 15*, Matrix Black Tie 80M4 X

Driving Iron: P790 UDI, KBS C-Taper Lite X

Irons: 4-PW Tour Preferred MB 1* Strong, KBS C-Taper X

Wedges: 52, 56, 60 Cleveland RTX-4 Raw, True Temper Dynamic Gold Tour Issue S400

Putter: Spider Tour Black

Ball: Tour Preferred X  or TP5-X

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Let’s talk about my gamer bag! Lol
Driver - TaylorMade M4 10.5
3wood - TaylorMade M2 15 degree
5wood - TaylorMade RBZ Tour
Hybrid - TaylorMade M2 25 degree
6-Pw - Mizuno MP 54’s Kbs tour stuff
50* - Mizuno S5
56* - Mizuno MP T4
60* - Titleist Vokey
Putter - Odyssey Dual Force 660(20+yrs)
TaylorMade Golf Bag - Black & Red
Golf Balls - TaylorMade TP5 with green dots
This will be the year i go full TaylorMade when i get fitter for either 760’s or 790’s!
*** I had to take a pic of the odyssey ***
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9* M3 w/ Tour Ad BB 6x
M2 Tour 15* w/ Oban Kioypshi White 75x
M3 19* w/ Tensei Blue 80s
P760 4-PW w/ DG 120x
Vokey SM7 50,56,60
Spider Tour Black/ Cameron Select 2
TP5x/Z Star XV

Sun Mointain 130s
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