What's in Your Bag?

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Driver: Taylormade RBZ 9° / Diamana D+ 70S
Fairways: Adams BTY 14.5° and 18.5° / Diamana S+ 70S
Hybrid: Adams 21° Super Black / Diamana D+ 90S
Irons: Adams CMB 4-PW / DGS-300
Wedges: Taylormade Tour Preferred 52° and 58° / DG Wedge
Putter: Taylormade Ghost Tour DA-12 
Bag: Taylormade Flextech Crossover Stand
Ball: Taylormade Tour Preferred X or TP5X

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played 9 holes today and used my R15 driver and loved it, was hitting it straighter than my superfast 2.0. also tryed out my 3 hybrid and it will definalty be in my bag as well as my R15 driver. going to probly try out the TP5 ball next time i hit the course.

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Latest bag updates...


Bag: TM FlexTech Lifestyle - Paisley

Driver:  TM M3 9.5 Fujikura Evolution III 857 X

3W: TM SLDR 3W Fujikura Motore 8.1 X

5W: TM 2017 M1 5W Fujikura Motore 8.1 X

4-PW: TM P730 KBS $ Taper Black X

51/55/60: TM Milled Grind GD Tour Black Onyx

Putter: Spider Tour Limited Red Double Bend

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Updated my bag a little for the year


Driver, 3W and 3H (unchanged)

M1 2016 kurokage xs

SLDR fujikura s

SLDR fujikura s


4-pw P790 C-Taper Lite S


52, 56 and 60 Cleveland Rotex 2.0 with the black finish true temper wedge flex shafts

Sun Mountain C-130 Cart Bag


Went with the Cleveland wedges because I got them for a screaming deal (120 shipped brand new) and they were only one of two major retailers (that I was aware of) that sold the black finish. I was sick of my wedges hitting the sun and blinding me. So far I have 2 rounds and 3-4 range sessions and I am loving the new bag. I'm having some difficulty bridging the gap from pw to 52 so hopefully I can learn some distance control. If not I might need to look at replacing the 52 and 56 with my more familar 50, 55, 60 gapping.

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Driver: M2 D-Type 10.5 Reg REAX 65 

Fairway: M2 15 Reg REAX 65

Hybrid: Titleist 816 3H 19 Reg Diamana

Hybrid: M2 Rescue 22 Reg REAX 65

Irons: TM RSi-1 4-AW Reg REAX Steel

Wedge: Vokey Spin Milled 52 TT Wedge

Wedge: Cleveland RTX Black 56 TT Wedge

Wedge: Cleveland RTX Black 60 TT Wedge

Putter: Odyssey Versa #7 CS 33"

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Taylormade M4 Driver, 11.5*, Atmos Red Shaft. 

Taylormade M4 3 Wood, 15*, Atmos Red Shaft. 

Taylormade M3 3 Hybrid, 17*, Tensei Blue Shaft.

Taylormade M4 Irons, 4-SW, Atmos Red Shafts. 

Taylormade Milled Grind, 60* HB, DG Shaft. 

Taylormade Tour Spider Red Putter, Double Bend, 34"

Taylormade TP 5 Balls

Taylormade Flextech Crossover Stand Bag, Black. 


* I had to go to graphite shafts in all my irons due to a injury to my elbow and wrist.  

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Newest Bag Setup for 2018:


  • M3 460 9.5° with Fujikura Pro 73 Stiff
  • M4 3HL 16.5° Wood with Fujikura Pro 73 Stiff
  • M4 5 18 Wood° with Fujikura Pro 73 Stiff
  • M2 Tour 4-PW Irons with KBS C-Taper 105 Stiff
  • Milled Grind 52/56 Bent to 50/54 Wedges with KBS 610 Wedge Stiff
  • Hi-Toe 60 Wedge with KBS 610 Wedge Stiff
  • Spider Tour Black
  • TP5x #87 Ball
  • Black FlexTech Stand Bag

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DriverSmiley FrustratedLDR 10.5

3 Wood: SLDR

5 Wood TaylorMade Burner Steel Shaft 15 Degree

3 Hy M2 19 Degree


Irons:TaylorMade RBladeZ

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New bag for 2018, got fitted for my 40th birthday last month, cheers


M4 D-type Driver with Tensei White X-flex

M4 3 and 4 hybrids with Tensei Blue X-flex

M3 irons 5-AW with DG X100

MG 54 satin with DG X100

Hi Toe 58 with DG X100

Spider Platinum with Superstroke Pistol 2.0

Taylormade Flextech bag Black

Taylormade TP5X ball

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Driver: R9 SuperTri TP; Motore Speeder 757 Stiff; Tipped 1/2" Upright 

3w: Titleist 917 F3; Speeder Pro 84 TS X; B2

Irons: R9 TP Type C 3-PW; ProjectX Rifle 6.5 Length = +1/2" Lie Upright 2*

Wedges: 52.09*, 60.10* ZTP; 56.12* EF Tour Grind

Putter: Odyssey 9 35"  SuperStroke 3.0

Ball: TP5x


New 3w and putter last year after R9 TP 3w cracked the first round of the year

New putter bc my TM Ghost 110 was feeling a little short and needed something new to look at

I've had some fun trying to upgrade and then going back and keeping this setup going

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