What's in Your Bag?

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Bag:  2018 Ping Pioneer

Driver:  2017 Taylormade M2 w/Aldila Rogue Sliver S

3W:  Taylormade R15 w/Fujikura Pro 70 S

3H:  Taylormade M2

Irons 4-PW:  Taylormade P790 1*weak w/NS Pro 950 S

Wedges (50, 56, 60):  Cleveland RTX 2.0

Putter:  2014 Scotty Cameron Golo 3

Push Cart:  Clicgear 3.0

Balls:  Titleist Pro V1

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Driver - TM R9 TP Fujikura Motore F1 65X

3W 15 - TM R9 TP Fujikura Motore F1 85X

3-PW - '08 TP Irons Project X 6.0

Wedges - 52, 56, 60 - Z TP Project X 6.0

Putter - '08 Scotty Cameron Newport 2

Ball - TM TP5x


Coming at end of April:


TM P-790 3,4 Modus3 105S

TM P-790 5-PW Modus3 120S

TM MG 50 Modus3 120S

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My bag
Sun mountain c-130
M3 10.5
M3 16.5 fw
P790 3-p with c taper lite
Mg 52* 56* w kbs hi rev 2.0
60* high toe
Odyssey 3t putter
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@TK3309 wrote:

Driver: 2016 M1 9.5, Fujikura Speeder Motore Tour Spec 7.2X

Fairway: 2017 M1 3HL, Fujikura Speeder 757X

Driving Iron: TaylorMade P790 3 Iron, Dynamic Gold X100

Irons: Titleist AP2 4-PW, Dynamic Gold X100

Wedges: Vokey SM6 Raw 52° Dyanimc Gold X100 and 57° Dynamic Gold S300

Putter: TaylorMade Spider Tour Black

Ball: ProV1


Haven't decided on club #14 yet. Want to try the Hi-Toe wedge when it becomes available and do more testing with the TP5/TP5X.

Will try to update with pictures soon but a lot of changes this winter and spring:


Driver: M3 9.5, Fujikura Speeder Motore Tour Spec 7.2X

Fairway: 2017 M1 3HL, Fujikura Speeder 757X

Driving Iron: TaylorMade P790 UDI 2 Iron, HZRDUS 6.5

Irons: P790 3 Iron, P770 4-PW, Dynamic Gold X100

Wedges: MG Antique Bronze 52° Dyanimc Gold X100 and 58° Hi Toe Wedge Dynamic Gold S300

Putter: TaylorMade Spider Tour Red (Back in forth between Red and Black)

Ball: TP5 #1


Very tempting to pick up a 52 RAW today now that they are released too..

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Been going with the same setup for most of the summer, but a few shaft changes in the metalwoods after a recent session on Trackman showed me better results...


Driver: M3 440 | 9° | UST Attas Coool 65s 

Fairway: M3 | 15° | UST Elements Platinum 7F4

Hybrid: M3 | 19° | Projext X HZRDUS Black 85s

Irons: P790 | 4-PW | Project X LZ 6.0

Wedges: Milled Grind 50° & 54° + Hi-Toe 58° | KBS Hi-Rev 2.0

Putter: Spider Tour Platinum w/full sightline

Ball: TP5x #16



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M3 460 10.5° Speeder Pro 74 TS

2016 M2 3HL 16.5° Matrix White Tie

2017 M2 3 Rescue 19° Speeder 869 TS

M3 4-6 Nippon Modus 120 Tour (1° strong)

P790 7-PW Nippon Modus 120 Tour (1° strong)

Milled Grind Chrome 48° KBS HiRev 2.0 125

Milled Grind Black 54° KBS HiRev 2.0 125

Milled Grind HiToe 60° KBS HiRev 2.0 125

Spider Mini Silver/TP Collection Juno/TP Collection Red Ardmore 2

TP5X #34

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Here's a snapshot of my bag as it exists at the end of 2018. Let's see how much turnover occurs in 2019. Fresh wedges are a given, and after 4 seasons with the RSi TP, I'm excited to try the P-760.


  • TaylorMade M3 460 9.5, Tour AD GP-6s (Black Edition), 0.5" tip trim, 44.75"
  • TaylorMade M3 T3, Tensei Pro White 70s, 42.5"
  • TaylorMade Tour Preferred UDI 2, KBS C-Taper Lite X
  • TaylorMade P-770 3 iron, KBS C-Taper S
  • TaylorMade P-770 4 iron, KBS C-Taper S+
  • TaylorMade RSi TP 5-PW, KBS C-Taper S+
  • TaylorMade Milled Grind Raw 52, DG S400 Tour Issue
  • TaylorMade Hi-Toe 60 (bent to 58), DG S400 Tour Issue
  • TaylorMade DJ Proto Itsy Bitsy, 34"
  • TP5x

WITB-20181029.jpgjll62 WITB - November 2018



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Driver: TaylorMade M3 9.5 Degree Mitsubishi Chemical Tensei 70-S

Fairway: TaylorMade M4 3-15 Degree  Project X HZRDS Smoke 6.0

GAPR:  TaylorMade GAPR 3 Mid KBS Hybrid 80 S

GAPR:  TaylorMade GAPR 4 Lo KBS Hybrid 80 S

Irons:  TaylorMade P790 5-PW True Temper Dynamic Gold S300

Wedges:  TaylorMade Milled Grind Raw 50.09, 54.11, 58.11 True Temper Dynamic Gold S300

Putter:  TaylorMade Spider Mini Red 



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I recently totally revamped my bag for the upcoming 2019 golf season: 


Taylormade M3 Driver, 10.5* (adjusted to 12.5*), Atmos Red Regular Flex Shaft

Taylormade M3 Fairway, 15* (adjusted to 17*), Atmos Red Regular Flex Shaft

Taylormade M3 Hybrid, 19* (adjusted to 20.5*), Atmos Red Regular Flex Shaft

Taylormade P790 Irons, 4-AW, UST Recoil 760 w/Smack Wrap, Regular Flex Shafts

Taylormade Milled Grind, Antique Bronze, 54* SB, Kuro Kage Wedge Flex Shaft

Taylormade Milled Grind, Chrome, 60*SB, UST Recoil 760, Regular Flex Shaft

Taylormade Spider Tour Silver "L" Neck Putter, 33"


*Went with Atmos Red shafts in all my wood to help my flight bc I have a lower ball flight. 

* Graphite in all my clubs due to shartering my elbow a year ago.  


Looking forward to plenty of golf in 2019 and hopefully some low rounds!! 

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I thought I posted in here, but I guess I didn't, so here it goes.  Keep in mind 2018 was a total overhaul for my gear.  Finally got rid of my old PowerBilt Grand Slams and Tiger Shark driver (yes...it's been long overdue!), but I also didn't really play much the last 5 - 10 years (esp the last 5).  I did get a used set of Aeroburner XD this April, but mid summer upgraded to a new set, so now I am using:


Bag:  Have a new Tour Edge bag Sant is bringing me (thanks wifey!)

Driver:  2017 Callaway XR stiff

3W:  Taylormade Burner (older one)

5W:  Callaway XR

Irons 4-AW:  Taylormade M2 (2017 model)

Wedges (58, 60):  Taylormade 58ATV, Sand Savers 60 sand wedge (yes..it needs to be updated)

Putter:  Odyssey White Hot Rossie

Push Cart:  really old garage sale special - barely use it

Balls:  Titleist DT TruSoft, Srixon Q Star Tour


I have toyed with switching driver, but everything I have tried doesn't make much of a difference, and I actually kind of like the XR.  My 3W was given to me by a family member who didn't like it, sure it's older, but I like the way it feels/hits.  My favourite club....the 58ATV!


As for balls.....I am never going to spend $60.00+ CDN for a box of ProV1 or similar echelon ball.  I'd love to try the TP5 or TP5X - might try the Callaway SuperHot.  I did try the Truvis Chrome Softs and actually liked them, but again...too much $.  Still trying to find the ball with the right feel that isn't too hard (95MPH club head speed) for me nor is it too soft.

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