League Championship

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Just had my league championship this past weekend. 2 man team match play. We won our regular season, went into the playoffs at the number one seed, and made it all the way to the big match.

Long story short, it was a back and forth match all day. We were down going into 18, and needed a win from both guys on our team in order to force a playoff. Tight tee shot on 575 yard par 5, but playing from behind, I abandoned my plan of playing P790 UDI. I pulled M5 driver and piped one up the middle. M6 5 Wood to the front edge of the green, chip up to the 3rd tier, missed the put but made the par. Won the hole, and my partner did the same.

Playoff time.

Played the par 4 1st again, won the hole but partner lost. Pushed to 2nd hole, this time both of us won the hole and clinched the championship. 20 holes to get it done, but a hard fought day capped off a great season. Great equipment helped the whole way.

WITB for the championship was:
M5 Driver
M6 3 Wood
M6 5 Wood
P790 UDI 2
P790 4-9i
P770 PW
Milled Grind 50/54