Building Your Ultimate Foursome

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Create your Ultimate Foursome using the following breakdown and give a little reasoning why if you wish:


1. Family Member

2. Professional Golfer

3. Celebrity

4. Yourself (of course)


Here's what mine would look like:

1. My main man Bob-O (dad), the legend of all legends.

2. Tiger Woods — Because he's Tiger Woods.....

3. Kobe "Bean" Bryant — Favorite athlete of all time

4. Myself



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Family Member: My dad — the eternal rivalry must live on.

Pro Golfer: Moe Norman — can't think of a more interesting golfer than Moe! 

Celebrity: Norm Macdonald — I just want to hear a single joke that lasts 18 holes.

Yourself: Myself.



Would be a bizarre group, but certainly one to remember!

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Family Member - British Uncle (only family member who golfs)

Pro - Jason (world no. 1 and one of the nicest most laid back guys on Tour [Dufner would be second])

Celeb - Larry David (obvs)

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1. My mom.  She doesn't play at all and isn't very athletic.  But she's funny as hell and a blast to drink with. And let's be honest, the majority of us play booze and drink golf.  It would be a blast to watch her struggle in front of my next two.

2. John Daly - I swear I don't have a drinking problem lol.  But seriously, dude's a legend and seems like he'd be super fun to play with.

3. Steph Curry - I'm from the Bay and Steph's a pretty good golfer.

4. Myself

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1. Family Member - (bending the rules a bit here, but...) My boyfriend's dad - he's the ultimate golf fan.  Plays more rounds and knows more about the sport than anyone I know.  Plus, he always has great tips!

2. Professional Golfer - Arnold Palmer - He'd absolutely make me look awful out there, but how can you not love the King?? (CLOSE second...Justin Rose.  Such a quality guy)

3. Celebrity - Bill Murray because duh...

4. and me!

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  1. My Brother
  2. Jason Day - Incredible story, definitely a role model and inspiration, nevermind being the world #1.
  3. Do other Athletes count? Patrice Bergeron would be my choice if so.
  4. This guy.
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Here's what mine would look like:
1. Litlle Brother- I was better than him all throughout highschool but now he beats me more often than not. Any chance I get to beat him is a good time.
2. John Daly- I like to have a good time on the course and I think he'd fuel that fire.
3. Kanye West-Big fan and imagining him playing 18 holes of golf is hilarious to me.
4. Myself


1. Family Member - Brother-in-law

2. Professional Golfer - Tiger

3. Celebrity - Micheal Jordan

4. Yourself (of course)

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I have to take two family members. Can't choose one son over another. And drop the celebrity.
Oldest Son
Youngest Son
Jason Day
And me

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1. My father

2. Dustin Johnson

3. Mark Wahlberg

4. Me


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