How do you watch golf?: Cable or OTT?

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Following the PGA TOUR's deal with Discovery announced earlier this year, GOLFTV rolls out early in 2019 with the many international markets being able to stream live coverage OTT (over-the-top) instead of having it bundled in a cable package.


Would you prefer to continue to watch live golf via your cable provider package or would you prefer to pay a dedicated monthly subscription for live golf?


Here's the recent announcement from Discovery about GOLFTV:

GOLFTV rolls out


As and when PGA TOUR's broadcast contracts expire in each territory, they're going OTT via Discovery's platform and distribution power.


Screenshot 2018-10-23 11.31.31.pngGOLFTV International market roll out


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This is interesting as my cable provider only shows Golf Channel on the highest dollar TV packages. I can watch when the rounds are on the local channels, but there are many times where I can only see it on Golf Channel. I wish there was an a la carte option to add single channels such as Golf Channel.


I'm a bit traditional in that I like watching live golf on the networks (although painful on Fox) and through the Golf Channel. But will definitely consider this new GOLFTV package, as I'm a frequent viewer on the weekends in winter through summer.

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