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Hey everyone-


I will be out at the Arnold Palmer Invitational at Bay Hill next week and will be doing a sit-down feature with our Tour Truck driver and main club builder, Wade Liles. I'm sure a lot of you have heard of Wade, but his job is one of the best in the golf industry as he builds clubs for the best players in the world on a weekly basis. From shaft changes, weight changes, head switches, etc. he is the guy everyone goes too to get their clubs dialed in and ready every single week. 


I want to open this up to all of you as this is your chance to 'geek out' and ask Wade a question (or two) about Tour life, his daily routine, or how he got his gig in the golf industry. Feel free to respond to this thread with your question/thoughts and I'll take the top questions in a sit-down Q&A with Wade next week.


Full Q&A will be posted by the end of next week with his answers in the BLOG section on the TM Community so make sure to tune in for his (animated) responses.


Fire away!

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How often does he get recognized when driving from one Tour event to the next? Obviously, the tour truck gets recognized, but I'm curious how many other equipment geeks are out there who recognize Wade for being Wade.


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Question for Wade:


Is there any particular player who you enjoy building clubs for the most on tour? Maybe this player has easy specs, or something that is much more challenging?


Even with all your years of experience, skills, and knowledge, is there still some pressure when building clubs for the tour players who count on your setups to go out there and take home the championship?


Thanks Josh for the opportunity to get a question in to the lengend.



What is the strangest request he's received from a Tour Pro, even if it wasn't related to club building?

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A few more on the truck questions:


- How much product does the truck go through in a given event? (i.e, 25% of stock? 40%, etc). What's the frequency of restocking throughout the year?


- What type of ruler are you using for builds now, the 60 degree USGA spec ruler or something else?


- How did the idea for the epoxy curing cells come about? They're a genius invention.


- If a member of this forum somehow talked their way past security and made it onto the truck, would you throw them out or indulge their curiosity? Asking for a friend... Smiley Very Happy

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How did you get started in the golf industry?


As a club builder, how often do you interact with design engineers?


I'm a student about to graduate with a degree in Mechanical Engineering, and my dream job is to work at a golf company designing equipment. Any advice on how to get started would be much appreciated


Thanks and hope everyone on your team has a good week!