"LIVE UNDER PAR" - new PGA TOUR campaign

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Community Manager

The PGA TOUR just announced it's first ad campaign in 20 years with a new direction along the path of consumer engagement with all aspects of the TOUR and it's assets. It's pretty cool and interesting and would love to hear your opinions.


Here's their announcement: 

PGA TOUR announces new ad campaign


And here's more on their #LIVEUNDERPAR elements:









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"These guys are good." was a great campaign that served the Tour well, but it was time for something fresh. I love this new direction. It feels like the Tour has been building towards this for the past year or so with the way they've changed how they engage with fans on social media (e.g., featuring peoples' Snaps, IG Stories, etc). I'm excited to see what they do going forward.

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Seems like a really cool concept. Gives the fans a chance to get even closer to the athetes. This will defiately be something that i will follow for sure!


This looks cool and the Tour was probably overdue for a refresh of their ad campaign. I liked "These Guys Are Good", but it was getting a bit stale. I think this will definitely help attracting a younger crowd to the game. Hopefully the players agree, as there has been a little tension brewing between them and some of these rowdier galleries. Don't think it will lead to Happy Gilmore type levels, but should hopefully draw some more interest. 

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