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Good afternoon, I want to make a formal complaint to Taylormade Golf about the representation of his brand in Argentina, specifically to the Representative in the province of Buenos Aires, Mar del Plata and Zona, who cannot solve anything at all and is rude.
I tell you my situation in order to see if, really, as Mr. Representative indicates, you as a company are not going to give me a solution or if this unreliable person ever transmitted my problem to you and so I was finding out that of most of the Argentinian fans who use Taylormade Irons.
I bought some new M2 irons in the year 2018, as you will know and when reading “M2” I broke the plastic of the face of sticks in irons 4,5,6 and 7, for which my house of products trust Golf, upon learning what happened to me, contacted the representative of Taylormade Argentina, who told him that they knew about the problem, that it was worldwide and that the solution was to send the irons back and with a sum of u $ s 250 they would send me a set of M6 irons, which is how they had solved the previous claims, to which I thought I would not have to pay anything because it is not my problem that it is a design error, I can think of 1000 examples of why not I would have to pay a penny ... but let's leave it there and continue with my willingness to pay the $ 250, the irons are sent to the representative who, for 60 days does not give me an answer to me or my article supplier golf, having no response enraged me I approached my trusted golf house to see what had happened and they explained to me the situation that the Representative did not respond and that in a change as I mentioned earlier, the Representative had told him that he will make the quiet change to another client and did not replace the iron set with which he responded, followed by the telephone provided by Mr. Representative, who as a first step treated me as an evader, indicating that I had not asked for $ 100 dollars to save an invoice, which is a bad mannered, because it presupposes an action in my dishonest and second without having an idea with who is speaking, third indicates that the invoice issued by my seller was not enough for Taylormade USA indicating that you did not accept it for the change, which when I indicated that you have the serial numbers of the irons which obviously I have thanks to God to take pictures at the time of purchase and the emotion I had of Having acquired a game of M2, he told me laughing “you think they have serial numbers?”, inside me I think it is a multinational if they do not know what they are selling and who are in a serious problem, immediately accuse me seller selling me irons out of warranty, when at the time of my purchase they were perfectly in their original packaging and more than under warranty.
Now the solution of his representative was “I can change the heads of the M2 irons that are damaged BY USES IN GOOD CONDITION” if what they just read “taylormade solves the problems by giving you used factory defective things that eventually leave you to break ”and there if I change the head of the irons I lose the guarantee.
I am indignant, disappointed, disappointed and extremely angry at the action of this person towards a customer of the brand that fascinates me and apart from his irons I have Drivers, Caps with everything with his brand, I want to stop using them.
I hope you can give me a solution as a parent company, since the representatives of Argentina are unpresentable.
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Pd: I already sent this letter to you on Facebook and Instagram and I'm still waiting for you to answer me.

Atte. Francisco
Taylormade fan very disappointed


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Is TM going to pick this up ? Any response ? We all know there are three sides to every story however surely there should be something from TM, possibly not on the forum but an acknowledgement !

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