Family and Foursomes


I am EXTREMELY disapointed in TaylorMade for their discontinuance of the Family and Foursome program, and their way of handling it.  I went online to order a driver, balls and 3 wood to be suddenly told that i needed a new code.  I had been on the site days before and that very morning where my discount showed.  Then suddenly NOTHING!   Calls to Customer Support were found to be very "unsupporting."  I was told to contact my TaylorMade sponsor to get the new code.  After nearly two weeks, and queries to two levels of management, he was told that the program was scrapped.  Customer Support told me nothing about the demise of the program.  


 As a loyal TaylorMade client for several years, I couldn't be more disapointed with TM's ham handed handling of this fiasco.  No warning, no grace period, no explanation.  Shame on you!

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