M6 Fairway woods feedback? Vs. M4/M2??

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Has anyone who purchased M6 fairway woods got any feedback? I owned M2 Stiff as well as I hit M4 my brother owns, but not yet hit M6. I think I am due to purchase a new 3 wood and wonder if you can provide me M6's insight. Thanks. 


By the way, I didn't like M4. It always went slight fade. 

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I haven’t played the M6 Fairway outdoors as of yet. The snow is finally melting and will be back on the courses in a few weeks.

As for M4 and M2, both are excellent clubs. I gamed the ‘16 M2 3HL for 2 seasons, then switched to the M4 3HL last season. I personally preferred the feel of the ‘16 M2 over the M4 and switched back. The M2 for me just feels hotter. I have better control and ball flight with the M2 as well.