Sleeve Setup for M4 D Type driver Left hand Golfer

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Hello i have ordered a M4 D Type Left handed 10.5 degree driver.  I purchased it mainly as I need a new driver but also to help with my slicing as a left hander where my ball start straight or right of target depending on where I aim and then slices way to the left.  I know this is not a cure and I am continually working on my swing basics to keep the face square at impact as opposed to open which causes the slice.


I understand the left handed version of this drive has less loft settings then the right handed version is that correct??


What adjustments can I make on the sleeve to help combat some of the heavy slicing at times.





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Your driver sleeve will have an upright setting that can be used to help counter your slice some. As you mentioned, you swing is the biggest variable in the problem. You can also close your stance (your right foot more pronounced over your left), place the ball a ball or two farther back in your stance (reducing spin). Aside from that, a weaker grip could also help if you are squeezing the life out of the grip.

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