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How do I register for myRoundPro?

You can register for myRoundPro by downloading the app via iTunes or the Google Play store or alternatively going to www.myroundpro.com and following the sign-up instructions.


How much does it cost to use myRoundPro?

Currently, there is no cost to use myRoundPro, and no subscription term or commitment is offered in connection with your free account.


Is myRoundPro available in all countries?

The myRoundPro app is only available in the US, Canada, UK and Australia at this time.


How do I delete myRoundPro account?

You can delete your account with myRoundPro within the “More” and then “Account” section of the myRoundPro app.



What makes myRoundPro unprecedented?

myRoundPro uses Strokes Gained (described in further detail in “Statistics” below), the statistical analysis measurement which was developed by Mark Broadie, and uses a professional golfer and five handicap benchmarks to enable golfers to monitor and track their performance and statistics.


How often will myRoundPro be updated, and how will I know about it?

TaylorMade will update myRoundPro on a regular basis, and you will be informed about the details through the app updates procedure on your device. These updates will not impact your data and will only enhance your myRoundPro experience.


How many courses are mapped?

TaylorMade has a comprehensive list of golf courses in the USA, Canada, UK and Australia mapped at this time. If a course is not mapped, please reach out to us with a request. 


How do I opt out of marketing and promotional communications from Taylor Made and/or select business partners?

To opt out of receiving marketing and promotional communications from TaylorMade and/or affiliates and select business partners, you can visit the “More” and then “Account” section of the myRoundPro app.


How do I provide comments or ask questions about the myRoundPro service?

You can provide comments or ask questions under the “More” section of myRoundPro.



Will TaylorMade recruit me if my stats are strong?

TaylorMade does not use myRoundPro as a platform to assess future talent or identify brand ambassadors.


What do I do if the club I have is not on the drop-down menu?

TaylorMade frequently monitors the clubs list on the drop-down menu, and will update this list on a regular basis. However, if your club is not featured, please select “Other” from the list.


How do I manually add a round in myRoundPro?

Find a course and go to set up round as you would normally. Instead of hitting set up round, hit the add round manually button. You will then be asked to place your shots, once you’ve hit the add shot button.


How do I change my score, lie, move my shots on the map, add or delete shots on the map or delete a round in myRoundPro?

Select the round you want to view and select the hole you want to edit. By clicking on any shot in the hole, that shot will become highlighted. Drag the shot to the desired location, select the ‘Remove’ button to delete. You can change the lie condition by selecting the shot and then clicking on the lie, you will come to a drop down menu where you can select a new lie condition., once you have completed your edits, hit done.


To add a shot, simply hit the add shot button, as you would during a round of golf, place the shot and our algorithms will determine what shot that was. If for some reason this is incorrect, you can select the shot number and alter it. Nick, is this true, this is how I believe it’s going to work.


To delete a round, please visit www.myroundpro.com, where all rounds are listed. When you select a specific round, there is the option to delete the round at the bottom of the round scorecard.


How do I manually add a round in myRoundPro, on the desktop site?

You can manually add a round to your account at any point by following the “Add Round” prompt within the “Rounds” section of myRoundPro and saving your round.


How do I change my score, lie, move my shots on the map, add or delete shots on the map or delete a round in myRoundPro, on the desktop site?


The scorecard view will list all holes played in the round, along with the score. There might be some holes that need editing due to amendments you made on the band, for example adding or removing a shot; these will be flagged for your attention.


Select any hole to view the hole image along with where your shots were placed.

To relocate any shot, select the shot by clicking on it and drag it to the new location.

To move the pin, select the pin and drag it to the new location.


To remove a shot from the map, click on the shot and select remove.


To add a shot, select the “Add Shot” button and put the shot where it should sit in the shot progression table. You will then need to edit the shot position on the map to replicate what happened on the course.


To create a penalty shot, select the shot that was a penalty and then hit the “Penalty” button.


Does myRoundPro have GPS capabilities?

Yes. myRoundPro will use your phones GPS to establish your position on the course, as well as your distances to specific parts of the hole you are playing.


Can the MRP App be used in Tournament Play?

myRoundPro can be used in tournament play, where distance measuring devices are allowed. Please refer to Rule 14-3 of the USGA and R&A Rules of Golf, for further clarification.


What are classical statistics?

Classical statistics include fairways hit, greens in regulation, sand saves and putts per round.


What is Strokes Gained?

Strokes Gained is a new metric that has taken the game’s top professionals by storm. Utilizing data from millions of shots during professional golf rounds and thousands of amateur rounds, Professor Mark Broadie has created a baseline to enable golfers to assess how they perform in all aspects of their game (from 1 foot to 600 yards) in comparison to other golfers. Strokes Gained enables the golfer to identify what specific part of their game is leading to good or poor performance. Strokes Gained calculations take into account the average number of shots for a professional or amateur golfer to get down from a given starting distance and starting lie condition and the average number of shots to get down from a given end distance and end lie condition.


What are Strokes Gained per round vs. Strokes Gained per shot?

Strokes Gained per round show, on average, how many strokes you are gaining on the baseline in a given round. Strokes Gained per shot factors in the number of shots you hit per round.


What is Strokes Gained driving, approach, short or putting?

Driving is all tee shots hit on Par 4 or Par 5 holes.


Approach is all shots greater than 100 yards from the green, aside from tee shots on Par 4 or Par 5 holes.


Short is all shots within 100 yards of the green (aside from shots starting on the green).


Putting is all shots on the green.


What do the dispersion charts show?

The driving dispersion chart shows how your drives finished up in distance from the tee and left/right, relative to a centerline on the fairway. The colored dots show the end position, be it fairway (green), rough (red), bunker (grey) or hazard (blue).


The approach and short game dispersion charts show where your shots finished up relative to the pin position on a given hole. The distance remaining is calculated both vertically and horizontally to the pin, based on where you hit the initial shot from. They show tendencies on how you approach the green, the colors show on the green (green) and missed green (red).


What is average driving distance?

The average driving distance is based on the 75th percentile. The 75th percentile is the value above which 25% of your furthest drives fall. By using the 75th percentile, myRoundPro gives your driving potential, taking out the odd drive that might be 200 feet downhill or might hit the cart path, and also removing the mishit or the shot into a strong headwind.


What is median proximity to the pin?

For your approach and short game, myRoundPro gives you both your own and the professional median remaining proximity to the pin. This is the average distance remaining to the pin you have from each yardage range, in feet.


When reviewing your round, are yardages mapped to center of green?

No, the yardages are all mapped to the location of the pin. The pin is originally set to the center of the green until you change the pin position, at which point all yardages will update accordingly.




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I can't find the app- myroundpro, in the iTunes store... I have an Iphone. What do I do?

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I think its available now on both play store and app store. So check and report.

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