MyRound Pro Not Finding Sattelites

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I have been able to use MyRound Pro on my Samsung Gear S3 in the past, but now when I try to start a round I get the message "searching courses failed".  I've verified Location is on and GPS is working in other apps.  Is there a fix for this?

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I have the following experiences with GPS on my Gear S3. I've been supported by Samsung very well, and I used, amongst others, this forum and  this post to find out what my problem actually was. I want to share my experiences with others, so that they need not spend so much time on this
issue as I did.


My location determination was very erratic. Sometimes it worked, sometimes not, sometimes not well, sometimes not at the beginning of a walk, but then it worked well further under way. It drived me crazy, because I bought the S3 also for keeping track of my activities, and for that you need a good-working GPS.Now I couldn't rely on it.


First of all: there are two methods of getting a location for your S3:
     1) WITH a bluetooth connection with your phone, on which location services is switched 'on' and the Samsung Gear S app is opened (in the background is fine), and
     2) WITHOUT a bluetooth connection with your phone, stand-alone. With this, your S3's own GPS-module is needed to determine your location from its contact with GPS-satellites


When I started to understand this from the fora (I believe it was this post, actually), I performed several tests, with and without a bluetooth connection with my phone (and on the phone the location services switched on and the Gear S app active).


So it turned out when I had my phone with me, option 1), my positon was correct (say, +/- 10m, the GPS resolution) and my walks were registered corrrectly. So no problems with option 1). After my 'training' (walk), the summary also showed my route on a map (at the bottom of the log).


(for the bluetooth connection, the 'LE' (low energy) connection with the phone is enough. There's also a 'non-LE' bluetooth connection, but this one is for a larger bandwidth. You can have a telephone conversation with this connection through your S3. This broader-band connection is not necessary for general information exchange like GPS-coordinates or Whatsapp messages.)


(During all my testing, when I didn't fully understand how it worked yet, I noticed that the Gear S3 'knows' your general gait-length. With this, it is able to also measure your walking-distance by counting your steps. I recon the S3 needs a good 'learning-period' first with correct GPS-readings, in order to draw conclusions about your gait-length (GPS-measured distance, divided by the number of steps). I seem to remember that in the beginning, I measured wrong distances while walking. It might have been the case that I had no GPS-coordinates (probably no bluetooth connection with the phone and no GPS-reading from the S3 itself) and the S3 didn't have a good avarage gait-length for me yet. It consistently measured a shorter walking-distance that it actually was.)


After reading on the fora how the location services worked on the S3, with and without a bluetooth connection with my phone (iPhone 6S, by the way), I started testing option 2). I switched off the bluetooth connection with my phone by switching on the airplane mode (swipe down on the default watch-screen and tap the little airplane) and started a walking-training. For this case to work correctly, the S3 needed to receive the GPS-information on its own. That didn't work at all. Whatever I tried, I didn't get a GPS-reading. It kept 'determining position', without finding it. Often I got the message that location could't be found, please move to an open area' (or something similar), although I was outside, under a clear blue sky.


I also downloaded the 'Quick GPS position' app on the S3. An app to show you your latitude and longitue coordinates, and nothing more. With this app, it was clear that a GPS-reading was not possible. It kept saying 'aquiring postion...', but didn't find one.


My conclusion was that the GPS-module/function of the Gear S3 must be broken. So then I accepted the fact that I needed to walk the 'Samsung service route'. I called Samsung and after walking the 'support scripts', the conclusion was that the S3 needed a warranty repair. I got a web-link for reporting my faulty S3 and starting a service request. It was all Dutch, so it probably works differently in other countries, but just to show the link:


I reported my S3, the faulty GPS, uploaded my receipt and started to wait for the all free pick-up-and-return-service to happen. From that moment on, I was kept informed perfectly about the status of the transports and repair of my S3. They came to pick it up on a Wednesday evening (small cost for me, but I didn't need to take a day off from work for that). The following Friday, the bell rang on 8:30am. And there it was, my own S3, with a repaired GPS ('board-swap', the receipt said).


After several test-walks without a bluetooth connection with my phone, my conclusion is that it works perfectly now. It registers my location, keeps track of my route, everything!


I hope I have helped other people by telling my story so that they can skip all the Internet-searching, uncertainties about how it should work and quickly draw the right conclusions about whether the Gear S3 needs a GPS-repair or not.


Good luck!

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